TX silage trailers

  • Up to 56 m³ (1,978 ft³) capacity (DIN 11741)
  • Sloping steel floor at the front for increased machine capacity and stability
  • Single frame design for a low dead weight and high payload
  • Optional discharge rollers
  • Flared tail- and headboards for easier and loss-free filling
  • Articulated drawbar with hydraulic control lowers the machine‘s front end for a larger filling angle
  • Extremely powerful roller chain to drive the chain-and-slat floor:
    Up to 34 m / min advance on the TX 460 and TX 560
    Up to 17 m / min advance on the TX 460 D and TX 560 D
  • Double chain-and-slat floor uses 14 x 50 mm (0.6" x 2") round steel chains
  • Conical load space for easy unloading
  • Hydraulic auto-level axles

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